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Welcome to the Ealing Nam Pai Chuan Website. Nam Pai Chuan (North South Fist) is a traditional and pragmatic martial art based primarily on the old Shaolin Lohan style of Kung Fu called Fut Gar Kuen (Buddhist Family Fist). This site has been set up to promote classes taught in Ealing, West London. It also provides a basic resource of current and historical information about the system, both locally and internationally.

The next introductory classes for new students will take place during May. If interested in attending please contact the instructor for further details. Adults and children welcome. Join us on Facebook.


An authentic martial art for beginners of all ages. Develop martial skill, learn how to defend yourself effectively, improve your health, longevity and self confidence. Training includes, full body conditioning, practical self defence, san shou (free sparring), traditional formwork, classical weaponry, and neigong (breathing, meditation and spiritual practices). A mixed group of people from all walks of life, beginners and more experienced students, the training is suitable for most people. Adult only classes, unique kids program, private tuition and seminars in Ealing. Fully insured and CRB checked instructors.


Not all classes are the same. We recognise that ours is a little different from the mainstream. Rather than simply perpetuate an unthinking approach to kung fu, we encourage students to engage with the art, to be creative and to ask questions. Western people often complain that kung fu stances hurt their knees or that self defence does not work. It is important to address these and other concerns. Perpetuating potentially harmful traditions is not smart at all. We encourage a forum for discovery.


Martial arts attitudes can seem a little harsh and unforgiving sometimes. There is a curtness to martial training and a no-nonsense mentality. The reason for this is quite simple. In modern life you can dodge responsibility, lie, and mislead people. In self defence, none of these options exist for you. You either deal with the attack effectively or you are hit, grabbed, etc. There is no room for explanations or excuses. This focus is on the here and now, on the 'what is'. This is the zen element of the training and a major feature of our classes. We have no desire to be harsh with anyone. We only want you to be honest and to see with clarity.

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