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The focus of our child development program is to provide your children with the highest quality martial arts instruction available. This occurs in a safe and positive learning environment, a place where your child can succeed.

Absolutely every child develops in our kids’ Kung Fu class, whether it is growing in confidence, gaining discipline, improving physical ability or just making friends.

Tuition is age and ability appropriate, a specifically designed class structure that teaches more than just martial arts. There are two children’s classes each week aimed at age 7 to 13 years old. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the lesson or have the option to train as well if feeling brave.

Days and venue address can be found on the classes page. Video footage of the kids’ class is available in the gallery.

There are many positive benefits your children will receive from practicing Kung Fu :

Health and Fitness

With children spending an increasing amount of time in front of a screen it can be hard to keep your child fit and active. Television, movies and computer games are now more accessible than ever. Kung Fu offers an alternative, gets them out of the house exercising regularly, and can grow to become a healthy activity they look forward to.


At class your child will meet and socialise with many children, potentially making a friend for life. In Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan you'll see strong friendships formed between students which continue into adulthood. Having a common interest and goals can bring people closer.


In London particularly, lack of open space, fear of crime, and persistent rain, encourages sedentary lifestyles. Children should learn how to move well from a young age. Our classes train agility and quality of movement in order to strengthen the body and prevent injury later in life. Without even realising, your child will quickly understand about correct posture and alignment, and they will never forget.

Mental Focus

The challenging nature of this martial art encourages increased concentration and awareness. Parents report children being more focused in other activities as a result of Kung Fu. Regular training can lead to better academic and sporting achievements. The life skills that children learn at class will benefit them throughout their lives.

Respect and Discipline

Every child benefits from traditional values such as respect and discipline fostered within our Kung Fu school. We offer a fun and enjoyable environment that children respond well to. We have parents that bring their children to us for this sole reason and they are always extremely happy with the results. Changes in behaviour are often tangible within weeks.

Courtesy and Integrity

We all need to be reminded sometimes about adherence to some basic moral and ethical principles. What’s right and wrong isn’t always clear to young people. Simple things, such as being impeccable with your word, or don’t prejudice. Kung Fu teaches young children about courtesy and self control from the outset. Subduing the ego is encouraged, in Nam Pai Chuan we’re all equal.


Children can be faced with pressure and stress from a young age. We believe your child's confidence is a critical factor that will determine their success in life. Our approach will give your child the confidence and mental fortitude that they need when the going gets tough. Even the shyest kids will, with some help, develop a sense of independence. Our motto is “Strengthen the will."

Leadership Development

Leadership is a valuable skill that can take your child far. From an early stage students are encouraged to support other students and assist with teaching when appropriate. As your child progresses they will be given more responsibility and become an important role model within the class. They will learn to share, and appreciate the value in goal setting.

Self Defence

The concepts and techniques your child learns will help them become better equipped to deal with dangerous situations in their lives. Our main focus is teaching them how to recognise and avoid danger before it unfolds. Combat and fighting are not the emphasis of children’s classes, the aim is to build a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, speed and finesse.

Artistic Expression

Martial arts can be very creative. Initially there is a well structured and defined syllabus to follow. However, for students who train diligently it is only the beginning. The way in which each individual grows and evolves will differ considerably. The art will ultimately become their art.

Professional Instruction

Our teacher is fully insured and CRB checked. He is passionate about martial arts, dedicated to your child's success and ensuring the best experience possible. His approach is unique and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart. You will see a level of care and attention that is unmatched elsewhere.


Our classes are varied and fun! The children enjoy them and always leave feeling happy. Many children have trained with us for years and continue on into the adult class. We're sure you're child will want to do the same.

Take the first step if you're ready to give your child the head start they deserve in life. Nam Pai Chuan Ealing will help your child become a well rounded individual by promoting social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.


Ella (12)
I tried lots of different activities, but none of them grabbed me until I did NPC. I’ve been doing it three years and it has changed my life. I am more confident, I have made great friends and I handle difficult situations better. It’s great!

George (11)
I like the classes because they are good exercise and great fun. I love the things we learn especially the forms and ee-pohs. The games are great fun and I like that it is challenging. The grading is fun when u no that u have passed.

Kay (Parent)
I have 3 boys who joined about 3 years ago. They love the classes and I feel they have learnt so much from the experience. The instructors are passionate about what they do and I feel they genuinely care about the kids and their development. The boys really enjoy learning the art of Kung Fu, it has helped them to listen and follow instructions and to see how they have progressed is fantastic. It has taught them agility, balance, self defence and they have also made good friends separate from school. I really hope they keep going as I think it is a great way to live your life and the seniors are such good role models for them. I would highly recommend the classes no matter how sporty or otherwise your kids are.

Mohinder (Parent)
My son suffers from an immune system condition but benefits from his NPC training. He enjoys his sessions and I recommend them highly.

Natasha (Parent)
My son is shy and has suffered from bullying at school. NPC has boosted his confidence and gives him an interest he really enjoys. He loves trying to master new moves and practicing them at home. The group and instructors are very friendly, patient and welcoming.

Neela (Parent)
In essence we have been very impressed by the mixing of age groups and the support not only you but all the elder ones give Adi who is a very young child. Excellent and he loves it.

Sanaa (12)
I really enjoy NPC as it gives me confidence in my daily life as well being good exercise. You meet different people and a really good atmosphere in the class.

Stanley (12)
The classes are great cos' it’s really fun and we always learn new and cool stuff. I really like doing the forms we do! I also like getting new belts and learning new stuff, and if we are good we get to play Dodgeball at the end, which I really like, also in the summer we do out door training. We meet new friends and we can have a good laugh, while learning to defend ourselves from attaaaaaaaaaack.

Sue (Parent)
I have no hesitation in warmly recommending this class. My elder daughter joined three years ago and youngest one 18 months ago. They have both benefited greatly – their focus and all-round confidence have shown a marked increase which in turn has had a significant impact on them overall – particularly in school! The class itself is organised, disciplined and well thought-out with lots of variety and fun, so they never get bored. The tutors are friendly, amazingly patient and genuinely passionate about passing on this very elegant art form. My husband was so impressed he even joined the adults’ class!

Ted (9)
I like the classes because I like helping newcomers. I like being taught new stuff. The forms are cool. I like grading to show what I have learnt and I like all the people in my class. The instructors are really good and help you learn in a really nice way.

Yasmin (9)
I cried when my Mum made me do NPC, but after the first lesson I was hooked. I wish the classes were longer and every day!

August 2011