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We understand that for beginners, attending your first training session can be an intimidating experience, as one does not know quite what to expect. It is worth remembering that everybody has shared this same initial experience, and it is therefore our aim to make newcomers feel as welcome as possible. Our classes are mixed groups, with students of all ages and abilities.

The first training session is free of charge so that you can determine whether this martial art and the teaching style are what you’re looking for. When attending your first class you should wear loose comfortable trousers and a T-shirt, we train bare foot so no footwear is required. Jewellery should not be worn and those items which cannot be removed should be taped over for safety. Those with long hair should have it tied up. Also ensure you bring some water with you.

Because Nam Pai Chuan is such a broad style, no two classes are ever exactly the same. However, there is consistency in that the underlying principles on which the style is based are always being developed through the various methods taught.

Training often begins with warming up exercises aimed at improving strength, aerobic fitness and increasing flexibility. The best part of training time will then be spent focused on individual skill sets either as a whole class, split up into smaller groups, or paired with a training partner. Practice commonly includes traditional forms, prearranged sequences, hard and soft chi kung, sensitivity exercises, chin na, padwork, practical self defence, body conditioning, free sparring, groundwork, classical weapons, and much more. The syllabus is challenging but rewarding.

Our classes are ongoing throughout the year with the exception of bank holidays and a short break over the Christmas period. As a matter of courtesy please contact the instructor before attending your first class to arrange a suitable day to attend and ask any other questions you may have. Beginners with little or no previous martial arts experience will usually be invited to attend an initial trial class at the beginning of the calendar month.


Alex (30)
I have been training with NPC for just over 6 months and I have really seen a significant difference in my fitness levels and I find it an invaluable way to get rid of tension and relax. The classes are varied, fun and friendly. If you have every thought of taking up a martial art I would highly recommend you try out a NPC class.

Ami (Adult)
NPC is a great way to keep fit and build self-awareness. Classes are varied and fun. Alongside learning traditional forms we are taught different techniques to help with flexibility, improving strength and energy. There is always a friendly atmosphere in class. I’d highly recommend it!

Asa (33)
NPC training is an excellent balance of fitness, fun and self-discipline. Our instructor is incredibly skilled, both as a martial artist and as a teacher. It's no exaggeration to say it has changed my life.

Cat (36)
On the surface training in NPC is a fun way to improve and maintain physical abilities such as fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination but invest a little time and there is so much more to discover. Over the four and a half years I have been training I cannot tell you how much NPC has changed my life, my self-confidence, self-respect and focus have increased and I have learnt so many skills which transfer into everyday life. I feel incredibly lucky to have found NPC and our teacher who is both skilled and passionate whilst being generous and supportive in his teaching.

Frank (32)
NPC has everything you need to maintain a healthy body and mind, before I joined NPC I had problems with aches and pains, especially after gym, football and running. It has been a year since I have experience these pains now, which has made a major difference in my life.

Gisele (Parent)
Training with NPC has given our daughter more confidence and she is pushing herself more. She is describing something new after each class and clearly enjoys training immensely. The occasional pains and aches the next day only add to her sense of achievement. Thank you!

Hunnan (16)
I tried different Martial Arts but found that NPC is the one for me. The classes are really focused, I have been training with the adult class and you get a really good workout as well as learning a traditional Martial Art. Recommend it to anyone.

Jai (Adult)
NPC is a great way to unwind after work but it also focuses the mind and body on other aspects of life which you may not have thought of before. It keeps me fit, challenges me and has introduced me to good friends.

Jerome (38)
I started NPC 4 years ago and I feel very lucky and fortunate that I was able to find a class near west London, the system is simply awesome. I started at a late age in martial arts after suffering health issue. I was seeking a form of fitness to help me mentally and physically, the system offers both in the form of Qigong and also variety of ever changing physical exercises hard and soft. I have also made some great friends and have had support from my teacher and seniors in the system. It’s a great system to be part of and I only wish I had discovered it earlier in my life.

Kasia (Adult)
I enjoy the fact that NPC challenges me mentally and physically and the variety of things I have learnt including Tai Chi and self defence provide me with general good health and well-being. Training is a lot of fun, it becomes a way of life.

Kath (Adult)
In addition to the usual fitness and coordination aspects martial arts allows you to develop, what I like about NPC is that it's particularly good at incorporating modern day application with a strong traditional grounding. Classes are fun & friendly. They're very varied and you get as much out of them as you put in.

Lynne (62)
NPC classes are physically demanding but fun and have an excellent mix of activities. The teaching is both challenging and encouraging, creating a very friendly and supportive environment in which everyone wants to improve their skills. It's improved my flexibility and stamina more than I thought possible at my age.

Mark (39)
I never thought I’d find anything to replace football when I stopped playing, however I found something I love just as much. In one year with NPC, I’m fitter, stronger, more agile and able to handle stress better. I'm addicted!

Matthew (17)
Throughout the months I have considered joining a variety of martial arts clubs, e.g. Karate, Muay Thai, etc, NPC was the best choice. Not only does it improve your physical fitness, hand-to-hand combat skills and coordination, it also disciplines both your mind and body, as well as helping you develop self confidence, and that is partly what martial arts is about – in my view. Plus, it's very enjoyable and a good way to put you in good shape.

Sivi (31)
I’ve been with NPC for over 5 years and find it a great system with instructors and seniors who are very good at teaching. I find the system respectful of other martial arts and love the yearly seminars one off classes where they often invite in specialists of other styles e.g. Yoga, Bagua, Wing Chun, and self defence, giving students a rounded education.

August 2011


‘Arrgh! Eeek! Panic! Oww!’ went through my head as I rushed around looking for socks and jumper hours before my first class. You could say I was somewhat nervous and a little scared. ‘What will happen? What will I do? Will I be able to follow or will it be too difficult? What will the teacher be like? What will the students be like?’ So many questions running through me head. I also had butterflies the size of Pterodactyls in my stomach.

It had been two months now since I had my check up with the nurse. “You need to lose some weight” is what she told me, “when you are heavier your body has to work that little bit harder and your asthma will get worse”. So that was that, I was determined to try to get fit and take up a sport for exercise. Being not a particularly sporty person this would be no easy task! Which sport to choose, where and when? I didn’t like the idea of going to the gym, it would be no fun to go on all those machines on my own I thought; If I was going to take up a sport it would have to be fun but be demanding as I need all the exercise I could get, but also it should teach me something worthwhile.

It was then I suddenly remembered an old thought that I had forgotten about for some time. My brothers and I practically grew up on Martial Art movies when I was younger and the ‘Street Fighter’ computer game was part of our staple diet, we always used to try to copy those awesome moves from the films as we all wanted to one day be able to learn how to do them properly. So that was it, a martial art would be my new sport.

Checking the Internet for martial arts clubs and classes in Ealing I kept coming across the Hanwell classes at Drayton Manor which were affordable and near enough to get a bus to. It seemed like a great opportunity as I could learn Chi Kung which I really wanted to learn more about it as it was a useful and gentler form of exercise and peaceful, but also I could learn Kung fu too. So I sent the teacher an e-mail to find out more. The teacher Henry was most helpful answering all my questions, and invited me to join the next intake of new beginners which was in the following months – after his journey to find a Kung fu grandmaster.

On the day I wasn’t sure where to go or how to get there, but before I knew it I was on the bus and soon arrived. I was trying to remember what I had read on their website ‘Delta Pi West’ about the Kung fu style I would be learning Nam Pai Chaun (North South Fist) which is a variation of one that Shoalin Monks practice; so it would definitely be very interesting to learn more about.

After getting a bit lost I eventually made my way to the gym, crossing the room I saw the familiar face from the website of Henry who is the teacher. “Hello” I said, “Are you Henry?” He nodded and shook my hand, asked me my name and explained information about the classes to me. I also filled out a form which insured me for the lesson and joined the class.

Whatever happened exactly after that during the first lesson with time I’ve somewhat forgotten it’s a blur it went so fast, but I got all the answers to the thoughts I had before class. What happened I remember is being a little confused but it was all explained and broken down into steps so I could follow; I was eager to try out the many moves – some of which were easier than others. I tried to follow as best I could, and it was interesting to finally find out more. Nevertheless I was totally exhausted when I got home, but ready for the next class.

Out teacher Henry was nice and very knowledgeable, but like every martial arts teacher you see in the movies he can also be strict - though not as militant as the film teachers would be. So make sure you try your best and you should be fine! His assistant Chris is also nice and very helpful. The students too were a good bunch of people; little did I know that Kung fu drew such a variety of people. Everyone was nice, always explained and helped me out, and put me right when I struggled.

Weeks later my big brother asked me how the classes were going. It’s mighty difficult sometimes but it’s going good. I’m not sure my teacher thinks that much of me though” I said, “maybe he thinks I’m not cut out for Kung fu and that I will quit soon.”
“Well you know what you have to do then… Prove him wrong,” my big brother told me.

So that’s what I do, every week I try my best and so far so good. I’ve been going to the Chi Kung and Kung fu classes for about 4 months now - one lesson of each a week, and slowly but surely I’m getting there. Fingers crossed and touch wood no injuries so far which is very good, and also I’m getting regular exercise which is the main thing. Knowledge, flexibility and defence skills, the benefits are many. So if I can do it there’s hope for everyone!

March 2008


It's only been about nine months since I took up Nam Pai Chuan, it's been a life changing experience so far. I love it and I wish I had taken it up years ago.

Having been through a major illness in 2005 and then rehab recovery process, I was looking for something to do which would help me to improve my health and state of mind. A close friend of mine had started to do GKR karate in 2007, his enthusiasm and talking about what he was doing sounded fun and exciting.

Although I had never done any martial arts in the past, I had always been a huge fan of Bruce Lee having seen Enter the Dragon at age of eight. Since then I have been a fan of martial arts films. However I never took any up when I was younger - I always felt I wouldn't be able to do it and also felt intimidated by the persona and image presented by karate and kung fu clubs i.e. that it’s only for people who are super fit and strong (so I thought at the time) and thus was put off as kid from taking it up.

In 2007, feeling inspired by my friends’ enthusiastic talk of his new experience, particularly as he is similar to myself in that he had no previous experience of martial arts, I felt encouraged to try it for myself. My search began on the Internet, Google provided me with a list of local clubs, of which most seemed to be shotokan or taekwondo based. There seemed to be only one school offering kung fu, namely Nam Pai Chuan. The website was well presented but what was more inspiring was the instructor’s profile. My partner called clubs from the list and left a few messages, the only person who picked up our call on that day happened to be Henry. One of the main things that impressed us was his attitude, which was very different to most other clubs we have looked into. Many of the other clubs either charge straight away or demand introductory course fees.

The system itself is great, its very hard to describe as every lesson is different but in nine months we have had the opportunity to learn lots of forms, weapons skills, core kung fu skill as well as improving our basic fitness. Having been ill this has been a massive help and I would recommend it to any one.

Since joining the system we had the opportunity to meet other instructors and senior members from Nam Pai Chuan schools. They have all been an inspiration to meet and train with and great source of encouragement to keep advancing further in the system.

Nam Pai Chuan has helped me to change my life. It’s a very personal experience and will be different from person to person, mainly depended on the individual’s own reasons for taking up any form of martial arts from karate to kung fu. All I can say is to try it out, as its either something you will love or it’s not for you at all.

February 2008