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Ealing Kung Fu School - Ealing Nam Pai Chuan's public Facebook page includes club imagery, articles, and student testimonials. "Like" the page to receive the latest news, photos, and videos.

Nam Pai Chuan International - Visit the system's international hub website for detailed information about our organisation, the style's history, class structure, links to other training centres, and much more.

Nam Pai Chuan YouTube - The official Nam Pai Chuan YouTube channel features footage from system courses and competitions, interviews and testimonials. Subscribe for regular videos showing forms, sparring, and applications.

Nam Pai Chuan Facebook - The official Nam Pai Chuan Facebook page, the place for worldwide members to connect and share.

Quek Heng Choon - Tribute site dedicated to a true Shaolin Kung Fu master who has generously taught students from all over the world. His dedication to preserving and developing the traditional Shaolin arts is unsurpassed.

Sek Koh Sam - Pages dedicated to life, teachings and descendants of Venerable Gao Can, the Chinese monk who brought traditional Shaolin teachings from Mainland China to South East Asia. Essential reading for Nam Pai Chuan members.

Sugong - The life of a Shaolin Grandmaster, the story of Quek Heng Choon's extraordinary life and author Nick Hurst's experiences in Southeast Asia.